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Dog Life Jacket
The Best, Coolest Dog Life Jacket You Can Buy!

Our Price:

XSmall / Fluorescent Green
(5 Available)
Small / Fluorescent Green
+ $4.00
Medium / Fluorescent Green
+ $16.00
Large / Fluorescent Green
+ $20.00



If you were a dog, you would buy our life jacket over all others.  Why? Because our life jacket is designed to be cooler than competitor's and results in a more natural swimming position.  

Other features include:

  • High visibility material.
  • Cooling channels around the body of the dog.
  • 2-layers of foam.  Each can be removed for a customized flotation. 
  • Rigid, raised and high visibility grab handle.
  • Padded straps to ensure belly comfort.
  • Made in the US.

Sizes are based on calculated buoyancy needed for flotation: XSmall (10-15 lbs), Small (15-25 lbs), Medium (25-50 lbs), and Large (50-85 lbs).  This size range differs slightly from our other products. 



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